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Digestion of alcohol is not like other food|Males and females differ in metabolizing #alcohol

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Digestion of alcohol is not like the other food. Once alcohol is swallowed, a small amount is absorbed directly by the tongue and mucosal lining of the mouth. although this amount is generally insignificant because residual alcohol leaves the mouth quickly. Alcohol dries the mouth and can even dehydrate your entire body. The drying effects of alcohol can result in a white tongue, a condition that occurs when papillae become inflamed and bacteria and dead cells become trapped within them, causing a white film to cover the surface of the tongue. After alcohol leaves the mouth, it flows down the esophagus and into the stomach.
If there is no solid food in the stomach, most of the alcohol moves down into the small intestine and will come into contact with the intestinal walls more easily and pass quickly into the this way, All the alcohol of one drink may be absorbed within 30 minutes.
Males and females differ in their ability to metabolize alcohol. This difference is due to variations in the amount and activity of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), the enzyme responsible for metabolizing alcohol. Males have highly active forms of ADH in their stomach and their liver. The presence of ADH in the stomach of males can reduce the absorption of alcohol by 30%! By contrast, females have almost no ADH in their stomachs. Consequently, females absorb more alcohol into their bloodstream. Additionally, the ADH in the liver of females is much less active than the ADH in the male liver. these gender differences in alcohol metabolism if they both consume the same amount of alcohol. For the same number of drinks, it is easier for females to become intoxicated.

0:07 Alcohol in the mouth
0:41 Alcohol in the Stomach
1:53 Alcohol in the Intestine
3:11 Alcohol in the different organs
3:24 Alcohol in the Brain
4:34 Alcohol in the Liver
6:17 Alcohol in the Male and female
7:21 Alcohol in the Long-Term Effects of Drinking Alcohol

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