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Celebrating Black Women's Hairstyles ~ Satisfying Cookie Decorating | The Graceful Baker

Published on 18 Jun 2021 / In Food Production

This set is dedicated to celebrating Black women's beauty worldwide. The cookies in this set highlight the grace and versatility of Black women’s hair, featuring a variety of textures and styles from bantu knots, to locs to afros, to straight hair, to braids & twists (it was so hard to limit myself to the styles, skin tones & hair colors you see here!) There are over 20 designs/styles in total. It is my goal through sharing this video and the real time tutorial with voice over video (linked below) that everyone's local cookier knows how to make these beautitful cookies of Black women :) Enjoy!

Check out the shorts videos here on YouTube for information in each video description on Black women movers and shakers from today and yesterday. I made this set not only to celebrate Black women's beauty, but other their tremendous contributions to history.

Real time tutorial with voiceover for this set of royal icing cookies: https://youtu.be/aAlSOsypYsQ

How to make royal icing (step by step): https://youtu.be/uE5gYfihKpg
ROYAL ICING CONSISTENCIES (step by step): https://youtu.be/AObfqJGyXsY

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/the.graceful.baker

I want to thank the people that helped me make this set what it is. Firstly, to Nadia at @kinkyculturecookieco whose Black Girl Magic set from last summer inspired me to create my own set. Credit to Nadia for the side profile afro puff and the headwrap w/afro puff designs! -- https://www.instagram.com/kinkyculturecookieco/

Thank you to Liyou & Brook of @Yomi.Designs for supplying the cutters! A Black-owned cookie cutter shop based in upstate NY, Liyou & Brook are a nurse & engineer (respectively) by day and an Etsy shop owner on nights and weekends. They enjoy creating custom, unique, educational, entertaining and decorative products inspired by their African heritage and culture. I’m thrilled to have designed 4 new cutters with them! -- https://www.etsy.com/shop/Yomimarket

Big shoutout to @reneemoniquedesserts! I spent a lot of time researching on my own, but I also exchanged numerous messages, questions & ideas with Renée. Renée has always loved to bake & started cake/cookie decorating Christmas 2018. She’s from the suburbs of Chicago & has a 12 year old yorkie that keeps her company in the kitchen during late night baking sessions. Thank you, Renée! -- https://www.instagram.com/reneemoniquedesserts/

Techniques covered in this video:
- One consistency outline and flood
- Tracing with an edible marker
- Flooding in sections
- Detail piping
- Crackle technique
- Bear technique
- How to pipe twists and braids and locs
and many more!

Amazon shop of my favorite things: https://www.amazon.com/shop/the.graceful.baker
*I do receive a small commission from items purchased from my shop. I only include items I personally own and love!*

Projector: I own both of these projectors. I first owned the Pico and purchased the Bluetooth as an upgrade. If budget is a concern, the Pico gets the job done (just make sure that you're plugging it in correctly!). Otherwise, I recommend the Bluetooth - it has a better/brighter image and connects via Bluetooth.
1) https://amzn.to/3348i24 (affiliate link) - Pico
2) https://amzn.to/2URI0dV (affiliate link) - Bluetooth

Mounts/stands for filming and projector:
**Use code "GRACEFUL" for 20% off your order from Arkon Mounts**
I personally have two mounts: one for my phone (to film) and one for my projector.
1) Pro Stand with Weight Based (the minimum must have!): https://www.arkon.com/product/....HD8RV29-phone-stand-
2) Creators 3-in-1 Phone and Tablet Stand Bundle (same as the Pro Stand PLUS an iPad holder and small ring light): https://www.arkon.com/product/....RCBTABLED-remarkable

Dehydrator: https://amzn.to/38mYL75 (affiliate link)

Tipless bags: Borderlands Bakery - https://borderlandsbakery.com/....product-page/tipless

All cookie cutters are from Black-owned Etsy shop YoMi Market: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Yomimarket

Edible marker: https://amzn.to/3rdSkex (affiliate link)

Scribe: https://amzn.to/30zTkPd (affiliate link)

Cookie swivel: https://www.shop.lcsweets.com/....products/the-cookie-

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com "Phoenix Rising"

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