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What are the Most Popular Videos on YouTube? – Today’s Biggest News

3 Views· 25 May 2021
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What do you reckon the most popular videos on YouTube are?

Well, a new study has looked into some of the top channels to find out just how many views they rack up. And the answer's got people talking

A study called A Week in the Life of Popular YouTube Channels looked at content posted in the first week of 2019m which included almost a quarter of a million videos totaling more than 48,000 hours.

It found that most videos aren't in English, just 17 per cent. The average length is 12 minutes. And all up, they were viewed 14.2 billion times. The videos covered everything from politics to gaming, but the most popular English speaking videos were those either aimed at kids or featuring them.

In fact, they got 3 times more views than everything else. Researchers aren't entirely sure why, but there some worries about it because kids under the age of 13, aren't meant to be using it. Other really popular vids, featured games, one in 5. While Videos on politics were the least popular. It didn't find out who's watching, or why one type of content is more popular than another, or why videos of me aren't getting more hits.



The Fortnite World Cup kicks off today!

The World's best players are battling it out in New York for a shot at the cup... and a whopping 4.3 million dollar top prize!

The prize pool, 43 mil, is the biggest ever for an e-sports event.

It's set to draw a huge crowd with tens of thousands packing Arthur Ashe Stadium, and millions more watching at home.



A 15-year-old Aussie is making a huge name for himself in the hip-hop world, and now, he's just been added to the lineup of a big music festival in New York called Rolling Loud.

The Kid Laroi is his name, and he'll be performing alongside some of the world's top artists including Travis Scott, Denzel Curry and Juice WRLD.



To wrap things up today… here are some stories from around the world featuring some chilled out characters. It's That's Cool.



Sharing your first birthday, with not one, not two, but 18 of your friends would be pretty cool, hey?

Unless you wanted all of the presents to yourself, I guess. Luckily, this Giant Panda Party in China includes enough bamboo and fancy fruit cake for everyone.



You know what else is cool? Another remix of Old Town Road!

Lil Nas X is clearly riding til he can't no more, releasing his fifth version, this time with K-Pop's biggest band BTS!

Lead singer and rapper RM jumped on board for Seoul Town Road, as in Seoul in South Korea.

Safe to say if he keeps on releasing remixes at this rate, we'll never see another song at the top of the charts again.



And these creatures are cool, but they're also trying to stay cool. Literally. In case you hadn't heard, it's really really hot in Europe right now…

And temps in London, where these meerkats live, just soared to the hottest on record for July.

So keepers froze some extra special ice cubes for them, made of peas. Yummy.


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