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  • 17 Dec 2022

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Two easy way remove your Image Background

The new Object Selection tool, which is exclusive to Photoshop 2022, is one of the most impressive additions to the software. The majority of the effort in choosing the subject in your images is done by you by the Object Selection tool, which makes use of Adobe Sensi AI technology.

Ways One : Object Selection Tool Steps

Open your photo in Photoshop and select the Object Selection tool in the toolbar on the left (in the same menu as Quick Selection Tool).

Now, hover your cursor over your subject and wait for it to turn blue. (Move your cursor in tiny circles if it doesn’t immediately turn blue.) In an instant, your subject is ready to be selected. Press the shift key while choosing all of the elements you want to keep in the picture and erasing the background material from this point. You can use this shortcut to automatically select each object (showing you the marching ants around each entity). Next, reverse the selection by selecting Select > Inverse (meaning that your background is now selected instead of your objects). You may need to unlock your image so that it is no longer regarded as the backdrop, depending on what you want the background to be (in my case, I want it to be translucent).

Then, to unlock the layer of your image, click the lock on its right-hand side. If there are no other layers, the layer name will become "Layer 0". By selecting the Eraser Tool and making sure your brush is large, you may erase the backdrop.You don’t have to worry about Photoshop losing the selections. If you ever need to reselect your objects, select the Object Selection tool and hover over your objects again.

You can learn how to edit the resulting mask created by the Object Selection tool (if it didn’t get everything in the initial selection).

Way 2 : Magnetic Lasso Tool Steps

Best to use: when you want to save time and have Photoshop automatically recognize the route, and when the subject is mostly highly contrasted from the background and has intricate edges. The Magnetic Lasso tool might be a fantastic beginning point for getting you where you need to be quickly so you can spend your time fine-tuning the details if the Pen tool is too time-consuming or you don't want to take the time to sketch out your topic.

  1. 1. Right-click the Background layer when your image is open in Photoshop and select Duplicate Layer. Give your layer any name you'd like in the dialog box that appears, then click OK. To disable the original layer, click the eye icon to its left.
  2. 2. From the toolbox on the left, choose Magic Lasso. With the tool, begin drawing around the edge of your topic. As you move your cursor, you'll see that it will begin creating the path for you. Patience is essential because you need to move slowly, steadily, and deliberately.
  3. 3. After launching the tool, you must thoroughly circle your subject before returning to where you first started. Click the starting location once you've returned to the beginning. The choice will then change into marching ants surrounding your choice.
  4. 4. By selecting Pick > Save Selection and providing a name, you can save your selection.
  5. 5. To delete the background, go to Select > Inverse to invert the marching ants (they should now be running around the edge of the image and your subject). Click delete. You should now see the white/gray checkered background instead of your previous background.

If you feel you need to make adjustments to the selection, you can backtrack a couple of steps and redo them to get better results, or use a combination of other techniques listed in this article to get you closer to your desired result.

For more detailed info about how the Magnetic Lasso tool works

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