Tenali Paints a Horse. ( PART - 1 ) ( STORY )

One day, Raja Krishnadevaraya and his courtiers watch as an artist shows hispaintings to the king. The king and most of his courtiers are impressed with the paintings.However, one of the c..

Raja : That is really a beautiful painting. I can almost feel the peace of the villagescene. You are a very talented artist. Here is a bag of gold for you. We shall bevery pleased if you can stay on at our court and make more beautiful paintingslike these.

Artist : Your Highness is very kind. It will be an honour to paint for Your Majesty.

Tenali : I do not think they are such good paintings at all!

Raja : How can you say that? I think they are perfectly lovely.

Tenali : For one thing, where is the other side of these two men? You can only see theirone side. For another, where is the face of that cow?

Raja : What an ignorant fool you are! Everything cannot be painted. You must imaginethe bits that are missing.

Tenali : I bet I can paint better than that. Well, I could if I had the paints.

Raja : I bet a bag of gold that you can’t. I’ll give you the paints and the paper. Youmay also take leave from the court for a month. If at the end of the monthyou bring me a painting that is half as good as the ones we saw today,I promise you a bag of gold and the title ‘King of Artists!’

Tenali : I agree. After a month, I will show you a better painting than that one.


(The courtiers start smiling thinking that he would lose the bet. They know TenaliRaman cannot paint at all. Tenali looks at the giggling courtiers angrily and walksout.)

1st Courtier : You have really caught him out, Sir. He thinks he’s the smartest person in the world.

2nd Courtier : He has really painted himself into a corner. I’d like to see him get out ofthat one.

Raja : I wouldn’t be too certain of that. He really is very clever.

 This article is Written by Sandhya.

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